Series 1 - 5. See You in Moscow

See You in Moscow
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Long before he patrolled the murderous Midsomer beat, John Nettles was busy catching criminals on the scenic island of Jersey. These repeats from the 1980s will remind you how dashingly fresh-faced Nettles looked, what with his blouson jacket and open-necked shirts.

In this episode (which also features George Irving) the inspector becomes involved in international espionage when Margaret Semple (Sara Kestelman), a high-ranking civil servant and Russian agent, agrees to defect to the USSR on the instruction of her KGB handler and lover. Her route of escape brings her to Jersey, where her increasingly desperate actions result in the arrival of MI6 and some predictable friction with the local police.

About this programme

5/10. A civil servant is exposed as a spy and, while fleeing to Russia, she stops off in Jersey - unaware her Soviet contact, the man she is also in love with, has been ordered to kill her.

Cast and crew


Jim Bergerac
John Nettles
Charlie Hungerford
Terence Alexander
Barney Crozier
Sean Arnold
Diamante Lil
Mela White
Annette Badland
Francine Leland
Cecile Paoli
Anthony Head


Don Leaver
Gerry O'Hara