Generation Kill

Series 1 - 5. A Burning Dog

About this programme

5/7. The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion gather intelligence from locals about an ambush waiting at a strategic bridge. Bravo meets stiff resistance while making several attempts to cross it and is later tasked with setting up a roadblock. War drama, starring Jon Huertas and Eric Ladin.

Cast and crew


Sgt Brad Colbert
Alexander Skarsgard
Cpl Ray Person
James Ransone
Evan Wright
Lee Tergesen
Lt Nathaniel Fick
Stark Sands
Lance Cpl Harold James Trombley
Billy Lush
Sgt Antonio Espera
Jon Huertas
Cpl James Chaffin
Eric Ladin
Cpl. Jason Lilley
Kellan Lutz
Cpl Gabe Garza
Rey Valentin
Cpl Walt Hasser
Pawel Szajda


Ed Burns
David Simon