Generation Kill

Series 1 - 1. Get Some

Get Some

About this programme

1/7. Drama following the movements of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, which led the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. The soldiers learn they will be accompanied by a columnist from Rolling Stone magazine. War drama, written by the team behind The Wire, Ed Burns and David Simon, and starring Jon Huertas and Eric Ladin.

Cast and crew


Sergeant Antonio Espera
Jon Huertas
Corporal Gabriel Garza
Rey Valentin
Evan Wright
Lee Tergesen
Lance Corporal Trombley
Billy Lush
Sergeant Brad Colbert
Alexander Skarsgard
Corporal Ray Person
James Ransone
Lt Nathaniel Fick
Stark Sands
Cpl Evan Stafford
Wilson Bethel
Sgt Rodolfo Reyes
Rudy Reyes
Cpl Daniel Redman
Sean Brosnan


Ed Burns
David Simon