Generation Kill

Series 1 - 4. Combat Jack

Combat Jack

About this programme

4/7. The 1st Reconnaissance Battalion regroups at a captured Iraqi airfield while waiting for the other American and coalition troops, but when a supply truck is looted, the soldiers have to live on just one meal a day. Alpha is given the task of recovering the body of a captured marine, and Bravo comes under heavy fire on its way north. War drama, starring John Huertas, Rey Valentin and Lee Tergesen.

Cast and crew


Sgt Brad Colbert
Alexander Skarsgard
Cpl Ray Person
James Ransone
Evan Wright
Lee Tergesen
Sgt. Antonio Espera
Jon Huertas
Cpl Gabriel Garza
Rey Valentin
Lance Corporal Trombley
Billy Lush
Lt Nathaniel Fick
Stark Sands
Cpl Evan Stafford
Wilson Bethel
Sgt Rodolfo Reyes
Rudy Reyes
Cpl Daniel Redman
Sean Brosnan


Ed Burns
David Simon