Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

Series 1 - 7. Jane

About this programme

7/13. The team tries to establish the identity of a woman who was abducted from a car park outside a night club, and her kidnapper is suspected of taking several other people. The profilers are puzzled that no one reports the woman missing, and their chances of finding the culprit increase as the criminal becomes more ambitious.

Cast and crew


Sam Cooper
Forest Whitaker
Beth Griffith
Janeane Garofalo
Mick Rawson
Matt Ryan
John `Prophet' Sims
Michael Kelly
Penelope Garcia
Kirsten Vangsness
Gina LaSalle
Beau Garrett
Det Brigman
David Marciano
Barry Vernon
Demetrius Grosse
Det Craig
Matt Gerald
Susan Angelo


Rob Hardy

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