Make It or Break It

Series 1 - 4. Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday

Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday

About this programme

4/20. Sasha calls the girls in for a severe workout on Sunday morning as punishment for going out the night before, and forces them to write down their issues with one another and read them aloud. Meanwhile, Carter admits to Leo that he and Lauren got close at the party.

Cast and crew


Carter Anderson
Zachary Burr Abel
Emily Kmetko
Chelsea Hobbs
Kaylie Cruz
Josie Loren
Lauren Tanner
Cassie Scerbo
Chloe Kmetko
Susan Ward
Summer Van Horne
Candace Cameron Bure
Kim Keeler
Peri Gilpin
Sasha Beloff
Neil Jackson
Damon Young
Johnny Pacar
Leo Cruz
Marcus Coloma