Sons of Anarchy

Series 3 - 8. Lochan Mor

Lochan Mor

About this programme

8/13. The motorcycle gang visits another chapter in Belfast, hoping to find Abel, but tension arises between the groups - leading to the Sons of Anarchy being caught up in a drive-by shooting. Jax meets Fr Ashby, who explains that he can see his boy again if he kills Jimmy O. Meanwhile, Tara helps Lyla get an abortion. Drama, starring Charlie Hunnam.

Cast and crew


Jackson `Jax' Teller
Charlie Hunnam
Gemma Teller Morrow
Katey Sagal
Bobby Munson
Mark Boone Jr
Wayne Unser
Dayton Callie
Alex `Tig' Trager
Kim Coates
Filip `Chibs' Telford
Tommy Flanagan
Harry `Opie' Winston
Ryan Hurst
Piney Winston
William Lucking
Juice Ortiz
Theo Rossi
Tara Knowles
Maggie Siff
Clarence `Clay' Morrow
Ron Perlman
Fr Ashby
James Cosmo
Jimmy O'Phelan
Titus Welliver
Maureen Ashby
Paula Malcomson
Trinity Ashby
Zoe Boyle


Guy Ferland
Executive Producer
John Linson