Cherry's Parenting Dilemmas

Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Cherry Healey, the presenter who affably shared her pregnancy and birth with us 18 months ago, now has a child with a mind of its own and is concerned about how to bring her up.

Recognising that parents aren’t given a manual, she visits families in Britain who are getting it wrong in various ways. There’s a mum who has a poisonous relationship with her teenage daughter, a couple who are so strict with their boys they smack them even when they’re being filmed, a single mother who lap-dances in order to buy her kids everything they want, and so on.

Just when you think all checking off of things to avoid is fun but not instructive, there are finally some thought-provoking tips – from surprising sources.

About this programme

Cherry Healey explores the challenges of motherhood and asks people about their different approaches to parenting. Among those she meets are a mother who is in favour of smacking her children, a liberal mum and a woman facing a crisis with her teenage daughter.

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