Friday Night Lights

Series 4 - 1. East of Dillon

East of Dillon

About this programme

1/13. Coach Taylor faces an uphill battle to pull his new team the East Dillon Lions together, thanks to a lack of funding, qualified coaching staff and, seemingly, talent. While Tami warily navigates new school politics, Buddy questions his allegiance to the Panthers, now under the rule of Coach Aikmen and Joe McCoy, while Tim is inspired by a college lecture.

Cast and crew


Eric Taylor
Kyle Chandler
Tami Taylor
Connie Britton
Tim Riggins
Taylor Kitsch
Landry Clarke
Jesse Plemons
Julie Taylor
Aimee Teegarden
Vince Howard
Michael B Jordan
Jess Merriweather
Jurnee Smollett
Luke Cafferty
Matt Lauria
Matt Saracen
Zach Gilford
Buddy Garrity
Brad Leland
Joe McCoy
DW Moffett
JD McCoy
Jeremy Sumpter
Wade Aikmen
Drew Waters


Peter Berg
Jason Katims