Series 2 - 19. Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

About this programme

19/23. An officer is found dead, and evidence initially suggests she committed suicide as a result of a nervous breakdown. However, a sceptical Ducky believes foul play was involved - and the team later discovers the victim was caught up in a love triangle. Kevin Quigley guest stars.

Cast and crew


Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Mark Harmon
Caitlin `Kate' Todd
Sasha Alexander
Anthony DiNozzo
Michael Weatherly
Abby Sciuto
Pauley Perrette
Dr Donald `Ducky' Mallard
David McCallum
FBI Agent TC Fornell
Joe Spano
William the Truthteller
Kevin Quigley
Jimmy Palmer
Brian Dietzen
Timothy Morgan
Jonathan Redford
Lynn Simons
Jennifer Dundas
Lt Allan Witten
Dean McDermott
Capt Vetter
Dan Ziskie


Frank Military
Executive Producer
Donald P Bellisario