Kavanagh QC

The End of the Law

About this programme

The legal eagle is asked to take on the case of a man convicted of murder whose daughter is willing to lay everything on the line to prove his innocence. Unfortunately, Kavanagh's mind is on other things - like becoming a judge. Feature-length episode marking the end of the courtroom drama, starring John Thaw, with guest appearances by Samantha Bond, Tim Pigott-Smith, Larry Lamb and Nicholas Le Prevost.

Cast and crew


James Kavanagh QC
John Thaw
Lizzie Kavanagh
Lisa Harrow
Tom Buckley
Cliff Parisi
Kate Kavanagh
Daisy Bates
Matt Kavanagh
Tom Brodie
Alex Wilson
Jenny Jules
Julia Piper
Anna Chancellor
Sarah Swithen
Samantha Bond
Mark Yelland
Tim Pigott-Smith
Judge Challis
Roger Brierley
Alan Rainer
Larry Lamb
David Allister
Lord Cranston
Nicholas Le Prevost


Jack Gold
Stephen Churchett