Natural World

Episode 4. The Himalayas

Radio Times
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Alison Graham

From narrator David Attenborough's opening words, you will lose yourself in a sumptuously beautiful film, first shown in 2010, recording the seasons in the world's highest, most inhospitable, mountains.

"There is more life here than in any other mountain range on earth," says Attenborough, before we are introduced to its inhabitants. These include mountain goats, where the bucks follow the available females with their tongues hanging out, like whiskery perverts in a public park.

Some of the footage is astonishing. Just watch as a pair of golden eagles ambush a crane, mid-flight, and prepare to hang on to your armchairs as honey-hunting humans dangle from cliffs as they raid the nests of huge, dangerous bees.

But it's the animals who are the stars like the lolloping brown bear who, laughably and improbably, looks just like a man in a brown bear suit.

About this programme

How wild animals, including monkeys, wolves, bears, foxes and pheasants, cope with mountain life in the Himalayas. The programme discovers that the region's difficulties have given many creatures remarkable strength. Narrated by David Attenborough.

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