Dalziel & Pascoe

Fallen Angel

About this programme

Feature-length episode. When a jockey dies at the racecourse, the detectives find themselves on the sinister side of the sport after discovering he was poisoned with a blood-thinning drug. Their investigations lead them to links with a stable hand who has been missing for over a year, a gambling lottery winner, who happens to be the racecourse's biggest client, and a mysterious vet.

Cast and crew


Det Supt Andy Dalziel
Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe
Colin Buchanan
Jean Swainbank
Cheryl Campbell
Drummond Sachs
Niall Buggy
PC Kim Spicer
Jennifer James
Jake McNally
Andrew Tiernan
Sandra McNally
Rachel Davies
Ken Lawson
Sean Wilson
Natalie Lawson
Emily Joyce
PC Baines
Jemma Hines
Dr James Ashurst
James Puddephatt
Eddie Wilcox
Craig Kelly
Kirsty Richards
Jodie Whittaker
Ben Culton
Steve Chaplin
Viktor Telepenko
Rad Kaim
Moira Henshaw
Mary Jo Randle
Todd Fletcher
Simon Trinder
Kevin Hogarth
Deka Walmsley
Sammy Hogarth
Marc Pickering
Midwife Sarah Parker
Jackie Fielding
Bookie Ron Noakes
Ian Good
Joe Carlyle
Duggal Ram
Farrier Alex Broome
Michael Cahill
Julie-Ann Henshaw
Rosamund Clare


Ian Knox
Series Producer
Ann Tricklebank
Johanne McAndrew
Elliot Hope