The Mentalist

Series 1 - 9. Flame Red

Flame Red

About this programme

9/23. Jane and the team head to a small town where a veteran soldier has been killed in an arson attack. When all but one of the victim's army friends die in similar circumstances, evidence points to the only surviving member of the group. However, the suspect refuses to admit any involvement in the crimes, leaving Patrick with no choice but to use dramatic scare tactics in a bid to extract a confession. Simon Baker stars.

Cast and crew


Patrick Jane
Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon
Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho
Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby
Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt
Amanda Righetti
Mitchell Reese
Joel Bissonnette
Tommy Olds
Fred Koehler
Maddy Garcia
Marcella Lentz-Pope
Police Chief Trey Piller
Chris William Martin
Ben Machado
Danny Nucci
Susan Garcia
Cheryl White


Charles Beeson
Ashley Gable