New Tricks

Series 4 - 8. Big Topped

Big Topped

About this programme

8/8. Sandra loses her trust in the others when she discovers they have withheld information concerning her father. The revelation he committed suicide while under investigation for corruption causes her to doubt everything she took for granted, but she tries to set her feelings aside when asked to look into the death of a circus ringmaster.

Cast and crew


Brian Lane
Alun Armstrong
Jack Halford
James Bolam
Sandra Pullman
Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing
Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland
Anthony Calf
Esther Lane
Susan Jameson
Michael Meadowcroft
Ian McNeice
Amazing Antonio
Nick Brimble
Joey the Clown
Martin Burton
Magnificent Martita
Kristin Milward
Christy Berlin
Christine Tremarco
Grace Pullman
Sheila Hancock
Oona Pearce
Gillian Bevan
Brian Tweedie
Shaun Prendergast
Fred Perry
Gorilla Clown
Gareth Ellis


Minkie Spiro
Executive Producer
Alex Graham
Executive Producer
Tom Sherry
Emma Turner
Roy Mitchell

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