New Tricks

Series 5 - 3. A Face for Radio

A Face for Radio

About this programme

3/8. The team investigates an arson attack on a 1980s music station that resulted in the death of a controversial DJ, and looks into the subsequent suicide of the station's owner. Strickland seeks a permanent replacement for the absent Halford, but Pullman and Standing call his bluff.

Cast and crew


Brian Lane
Alun Armstrong
Sandra Pullman
Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing
Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland
Anthony Calf
Esther Lane
Susan Jameson
Jeremy Kirk
Reece Shearsmith
Cameron Wyatt
George Asprey
Sharon Revie
Alison Egan
Sarah Madeley
Kellie Bright
Graham Madeley
Danny Webb
Georgina Achebe
Brigid Zengeni
Harriet Longthorn
Gillian Raine
Voice of Johnny Deacon
Martin Ball


Martyn Friend
Keith Thompson
Lisa Holdsworth

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