Law & Order

Series 17 - 7. In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas

About this programme

7/22. An actor wearing blood-stained clothing is arrested for drink-driving, and makes his situation worse by embarking on a racist speech. Green and Cassady are left to uncover whether a murder has taken place, discovering that the executive producer of his former TV show has been found dead in Harlem - but realise the star may be covering for his son. Crime drama, guest starring Chevy Chase.

Cast and crew


Det Ed Green
Jesse L Martin
Det Nina Cassady
Milena Govich
ADA Jack McCoy
Sam Waterston
ADA Connie Rubirosa
Alana De La Garza
DA Arthur Branch
Fred Thompson
Lt Anita Van Buren
S Epatha Merkerson
Mitch Carroll
Chevy Chase
John Carroll
Jaymie Dornan


Arthur W Forney
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Nicholas Wootton
Executive Producer
Matthew Penn
Executive Producer
Peter Jankowski
David Wilcox