Law & Order

Series 9 - 23. Refuge - Part One

Refuge - Part One

About this programme

23/24. Part one of two. A shootout between a motorist and the police leads to the discovery of a body in a car boot - and puts the detectives on the trail of a money-laundering operation run by Russian gangsters. Drama, starring Jerry Orbach and Benjamin Bratt.

Cast and crew


Det Lennie Briscoe
Jerry Orbach
Det Rey Curtis
Benjamin Bratt
Lt Anita Van Buren
S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy
Sam Waterston
ADA Abbie Carmichael
Angie Harmon
DA Adam Schiff
Steven Hill
ADA Toni Ricci
Jenna Stern
Mrs Woodson
Amelia Campbell
Billy Woodson
Cameron Bowen
Judge Sheldon Taylor
Michael Mulheren


Jim Ellis
Rene Balcer