Law & Order

Series 7 - 1. Causa Mortis

About this programme

1/23. Briscoe and Curtis investigate the abduction and murder of a teacher, and later discover it's possible that she knew the culprit. Having arrested one of her students, the courts quickly decide their evidence is inadmissible - but it seems another assailant could be to blame. Benjamin Bratt and Jerry Orbach star.

Cast and crew


Det Lennie Briscoe
Jerry Orbach
Det Rey Curtis
Benjamin Bratt
Lt Anita Van Buren
S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy
Sam Waterston
ADA Jamie Ross
Carey Lowell
DA Adam Schiff
Steven Hill
Ian Rankin
Lawrence Arancio
Jill Rankin
Jillian Bowen


Edwin Sherin
Rene Balcer

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