Law & Order

Series 17 - 11. Remains of the Day

Remains of the Day
Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Sturgess

Getting well in America when you’re poor is a grisly business – or so it seems from this rather unpleasant season 17 episode.

When a man dies and it looks as though his rich mother was the target, there’s much more than a $46 million will and some awkward stepchildren to be handled. Green suspects that his death was due to a dodgy bone graft – and that the owner of the bones hadn’t planned on leaving them to medical science.

While preparing for court, McCoy struggles to persuade a living victim of the bonesnatchers to give the kind of evidence it takes a biopsy needle to extract.

About this programme

11/22. A man's death offers no immediate explanation, until the autopsy points Green and Cassady in the direction of illegally harvested donor bones, which the dead man had received in a transplant. However, McCoy and Rubirosa struggle to bring the case to prosecution when it becomes clear they can only get the necessary evidence by testing another transplant recipient.

Cast and crew


Det Ed Green
Jesse L Martin
Det Nina Cassady
Milena Govich
ADA Jack McCoy
Sam Waterston
ADA Connie Rubirosa
Alana De La Garza
DA Arthur Branch
Fred Dalton Thompson
Lt Anita Van Buren
S Epatha Merkerson
Ashley Jones
Mariel Hemingway
Miles Foster
James Riordan
Dr Adam Vaughn
Ben Bass
Tony Bicks
Dan Bakkedahl
Attorney Prescott
Kate Hodge
Dr Elizabeth Rodgers
Leslie Hendrix


Constantine Makris
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Nicholas Wootton
Executive Producer
Matthew Penn
Executive Producer
Peter Jankowski
Shiya Ribowsky
David Wilcox