Law & Order

Series 7 - 19. Double Down

Double Down

About this programme

19/23. A carjacking turns nasty when an off-duty police officer is killed and the driver is kidnapped. Luckily, Briscoe and Curtis capture one of the perpetrators, who offers to reveal the whereabouts of the missing driver to DA Ross - in exchange for immunity on the cop-killing charge. Crime drama, starring Sam Waterston and Benjamin Bratt.

Cast and crew


Det Lennie Briscoe
Jerry Orbach
Det Rey Curtis
Benjamin Bratt
Lt Anita Van Buren
S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy
Sam Waterston
ADA Jamie Ross
Carey Lowell
DA Adam Schiff
Steven Hill
Henry H Harp
Luke Reilly
Sally Bell
Edie Falco
Judge Dominic Santos
Shawn Elliott
Ruth Titus
Theresa Merritt


Arthur W Forney
Ed Zuckerman
Shimon Wincelberg

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