Mad Men

Series 3 - 6. Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency

Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency

About this programme

6/13. Sterling Cooper's British owners unveil their plans to restructure the company, and the arrival of dynamic executive Guy Mackendrick causes a commotion among the staff. Joan prepares for her last day in the office, but unexpected news from her husband casts doubt on her future plans. Meanwhile, Don tries to calm Sally's fears about her new baby brother, and receives an intriguing offer from a man he met at Roger's Kentucky Derby party. Drama, starring Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and John Slattery, with Kiernan Shipka and Chelcie Ross.

Cast and crew


Don Draper
Jon Hamm
Joan Harris
Christina Hendricks
Peggy Olson
Elisabeth Moss
Pete Campbell
Vincent Kartheiser
Betty Draper
January Jones
Lane Pryce
Jared Harris
Guy Mackendrick
Jamie Thomas King
St John Powell
Charles Shaughnessy
Sally Draper
Kiernan Shipka
Conrad Hilton
Chelcie Ross
Greg Harris
Sam Page
Roger Sterling
John Slattery
Bertram Cooper
Robert Morse
Lois Sadler
Crista Flanagan
Harry Crane
Rich Sommer
John Hooker
Ryan Cartwright
Salvatore Romano
Bryan Batt
Paul Kinsey
Michael Gladis
Ken Cosgrove
Aaron Staton
Herman `Duck' Phillips
Mark Moses


Lesli Linka Glatter
Robin Veith
Matthew Weiner