The Sweeney

Series 3 - 8. May

About this programme

8/13. A youth is arrested after an elderly money-lender is brutally assaulted and robbed. His mother asks Regan, an old friend, to intervene. Though it is later proved he got a legitimate loan and is innocent of theft, the youngster finds himself being blackmailed after falling foul of some very dangerous individuals. Karl Howman guest stars, with John Thaw and Dennis Waterman.

Cast and crew


Det Sgt George Carter
Dennis Waterman
Det Insp Jack Regan
John Thaw
Det Chief Insp Frank Haskins
Garfield Morgan
May Holmes
Marjorie Yates
Davey Holmes
Karl Howman
Sheila Martin
Geraldine Moffatt
Det Sgt Cree
Brian Gwaspari
Len Holmes
Frank Mills
Tim Hardy


Tom Clegg