The Sweeney

Series 3 - 7. Sweet Smell of Succession

About this programme

7/13. Regan gets caught in the crossfire between the family of a recently deceased gangland leader and the members of the late man's crime syndicate, regarding the division of the hoodlum's wealth. The hitherto innocent son manages to play-off his parent's ex-cohorts against one another with increasing dexterity and appears only too keen to pick up the duplicitous traits of his late father. Hywel Bennett guest stars, with John Thaw.

Cast and crew


Det Insp Jack Regan
John Thaw
Det Sgt George Carter
Dennis Waterman
Det Chief Insp Frank Haskins
Garfield Morgan
Steven Castle
Hywel Bennett
Pat Tarley
Peter Dyneley
Arleen Baker
Sue Lloyd
Daniel Kitter
Willoughby Goddard
Colin Raleigh
Maxwell Shaw
Charlie Walters
Alan Tilvern
Ted Parkin
David Sterne
Gail Grainger
Phil Nairn
Geoffrey Todd


William Brayne