Sons of Anarchy

Series 2 - 4. Eureka


About this programme

4/14. Samcro uses a charity motorcycle ride as a cover for a gun-running trip, but the journey is disrupted when Tig has to go to hospital and ends up being captured by bounty hunters. Gemma comes face to face with her attacker and decides to seek revenge. Drama, starring Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal.

Cast and crew


Jackson `Jax' Teller
Charlie Hunnam
Clarence `Clay' Morrow
Ron Perlman
Gemma Teller Morrow
Katey Sagal
Bobby Munson
Mark Boone Jr
Kip `Half Sack' Epps
Johnny Lewis
Alex `Tig' Trager
Kim Coates
Filip `Chibs' Telford
Tommy Flanagan
Dr Tara Knowles
Maggie Siff
Harry `Opie' Winston
Ryan Hurst
Piney Winston
Theo Rossi
Ethan Zobelle
Adam Arkin
Wayne Unser
Dayton Callie
Cameron Hayes
Jamie McShane
AJ Weston
Henry Rollins


Guy Ferland
Executive Producer
Art Linson
Executive Producer
Kurt Sutter
Executive Producer
John Linson