Series 8 - 7. Give a Dog a Bad Name

About this programme

7/24. Craddock wins few friends in the local farming community while trying to implement the newly introduced breathalyser, and Blaketon investigates an outbreak of fleas in the village. Elsewhere, a new addition to the station leaves Bellamy feeling like a lovesick puppy. Rural drama, starring Derek Fowlds, Philip Franks and Bill Maynard.

Cast and crew


Claude Jeremiah Greengrass
Bill Maynard
Oscar Blaketon
Derek Fowlds
PC Mike Bradley
Jason Durr
PC Alf Ventress
William Simons
PC Phil Bellamy
Mark Jordon
Sgt Raymond Craddock
Philip Franks
Maggie Bolton
Kazia Pelka
Gina Ward
Tricia Penrose
Dr Neil Bolton
David Michaels
David Stockwell
David Lonsdale
Mary Ward
Arbel Jones
Sue Driscoll
Keeley Forsyth
Lord Charles Ashfordly
Rupert Vansittart
Josh Roberts
Bryan Marshall
Jim Cullimore
Martin Troakes
Paul Roberts
Andrew Greenough
Len Jackson
John Phythian
Sheila Jackson
Heather Phoenix


Brian Farnham
Executive Producer
Keith Richardson
Gerry Mill
Peter Gibbs