Cold Case

Series 4 - 16. The Good-Bye Room

About this programme

16/24. Detective Rush reopens the case of a 17-year-old girl who was murdered the day after giving birth at a home for unmarried mothers in 1964. As the case proceeds, she struggles to find a killer among the hundreds of women who were in the maternity home at the time - and re-examines her relationship with her own mother. Crime drama, starring Kathryn Morris.

Cast and crew


Lilly Rush
Kathryn Morris
Scotty Valens
Danny Pino
John Stillman
John Finn
Nick Vera
Jeremy Ratchford
Will Jeffries
Thom Barry
Kat Miller
Tracie Thoms
Huck Oberland
Bruce Boxleitner
Hilary West
Johanna Braddy
Patricia West
Elizabeth Connors
Sister Margaret
Georgann Johnson
Karen Watson
Sandy Martin
Karen Watson
Michelle Page
Sister Margaret
Bree Pavey
Patricia West
Patricia Place
Huck Oberland
Andy Fischer-Price


Holly Dale
Jennifer Johnson