Cold Case

Series 3 - 22. The River

The River
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About this programme

22/23. A new witness comes forward claiming to have information about the 1984 shooting of a well-known physician, prompting Lilly to reopen the case. She is soon led into the world of gambling when it becomes apparent the respected doctor had been hiding a secret from his family. Starring Kathryn Morris.

Cast and crew


Lilly Rush
Kathryn Morris
Scotty Valens
Danny Pino
John Stillman
John Finn
Nick Vera
Jeremy Ratchford
Will Jeffries
Thom Barry
Kat Miller
Tracie Thoms
Cyrus Tisdale
VJ Foster
Anne Bowen
Stacy Haiduk
Dr Seth Garvey
Eamonn Roche
Dr Seth Garvey
Mark Tymchyshyn
Dr Grant Bowen
Emmanuel Xuereb
Jason Bowen
Garette Henson
Dina Miller
Tonya Pinkins
Ada David Cage
TE Russell


Craig Ross Jr
Tyler Bensinger