NCIS: Los Angeles

Series 1 - 15. The Bank Job

The Bank Job

About this programme

15/24. The team investigates when an Islamic terrorist group in Iraq steals a truck with $5million and track the money back to America. The agents learn the cash has been used to set up a bank robbery intended as a ruse to allow a bank employee to transfer $100million of the terrorists' money that has been frozen by the government in an offshore bank. Crime drama, starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J.

Cast and crew


G Callen
Chris O'Donnell
Nate Getz
Peter Cambor
Kensi Blye
Daniela Ruah
Eric Beale
Barrett Foa
Henrietta `Hetty' Lange
Linda Hunt
Sam Hanna
LL Cool J
Agent Mike Renko
Brian Avers
Matt Bernhart
Devon Sawa
Damien Salerno
Brian Goodman
Mick Benelli
Mac Brandt
Connor Lavery
Scott Alan Smith
Curtis Lacross
Ian Harding


Terrence O'Hara