Diagnosis Murder

Series 5 - 1. Murder Blues

About this programme

1/25. A councillor's wife is found dead in suspicious circumstances and all the evidence points to her husband - but Steve believes the man is being framed by corrupt policemen. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke.

Cast and crew


Dr Mark Sloan
Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Bentley
Victoria Rowell
Lt Steve Sloan
Barry Van Dyke
Dr Jesse Travis
Charlie Schlatter
Capt Christine Pike
Angie Dickinson
Police Chief Masters
Fred Dryer
Councilman Matthew Watson
James Darren
Detective Stang
Kent McCord
Detective Halloran
Martin Milner
Jan Yanhiro
Yumi Iwama
Reporter 1
Patrick MJ Finerty
Reporter 2
Darwyn Carson


Christian I Nyby II