Diagnosis Murder

Series 4 - 26. The Murder of Mark Sloan

The Murder of Mark Sloan

About this programme

26/26. A vengeful convict is released on a technicality and tries to make good on his threat to kill Dr Sloan, while Norman strenuously opposes plans to sell the hospital to an unscrupulous businessman. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke.

Cast and crew


Dr Mark Sloan
Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Bentley
Victoria Rowell
Lt Steve Sloan
Barry Van Dyke
Norman Briggs
Michael Tucci
Dr Jesse Travis
Charlie Schlatter
Vanessa Sinclair
Mary Kay Adams
Brian Haywood
Stan Cahill
Constance Lockwood
Carol Bruce
Kurt Vaughn
Michael Harvey
Sam Rosser
Jay A Michaels


Christopher Hilbler
Steve Hattman