Natural World

Series 29 - 11. Natural World: Chimps of the Lost Gorge

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Chimpanzees are irresistible: intelligent, charming, questing and funny, with a facility for forming the deep bonds that hold together their communities. But sadness runs through this edition of Natural World about the chimps of the Kyambura Gorge in Uganda’s Rift Valley. They have been isolated for 15 years after the destruction of a forest corridor that connected them to a much larger woodland containing several hundred chimps.

The Kyambura Gorge chimp numbers are dwindling, and those tight family relationships are feeling the strain as the animals jockey for power and supremacy. Worse, the females are, bizarrely, producing only male children, so the very future of the community is at risk.

About this programme

11/14. Documentary providing an insight into the lives of chimpanzees in Uganda's Kyambura Gorge, a deep, forested ravine running through the African savannah. For 15 years, the gorge has been cut off from the rest of the jungle, leaving the animals stranded with limited sources of food. The programme follows the 20 remaining chimps as alpha male Brutus tries to retain control of the family in its daily struggle to survive.

Cast and crew


Verity White
Series Editor
Tim Martin
Series Producer
Steve Greenwood