CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Series 8 - 15. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

About this programme

15/17. The team tries to find out why a drunken prisoner burst into flames while making a bid to escape from custody - a mystery compounded by the bizarre discovery of several more bodies and a quantity of strange green blood. As events unfold, Webster, Andrews, Simms and Johnson return to help with the case-load.

Cast and crew


Gil Grissom
William Petersen
Catherine Willows
Marg Helgenberger
Warrick Brown
Gary Dourdan
Nick Stokes
George Eads
Capt Jim Brass
Paul Guilfoyle
Greg Sanders
Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins
Robert David Hall
David Hodges
Wallace Langham
David Phillips
David Berman
Archie Johnson
Archie Kao
Wendy Simms
Liz Vassey
Mandy Webster
Sheeri Rappaport
Henry Andrews
Jon Wellner
Evelyn Polychronopolous
Chloe Webb


Christopher Leitch
Douglas Petrie
David Rambo