CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Series 3 - 8. Snuff

About this programme

8/23. A woman is murdered during the making of a snuff film, sending Catherine, Sara and Warrick on the trail of her killer. However, with little supporting evidence, the team has difficulty making any allegations stick. Meanwhile, Grissom uses his knowledge of bugs to establish what happened to a body found in a toolbox by a roadside. Drama, with William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger.

Cast and crew


Gil Grissom
William Petersen
Catherine Willows
Marg Helgenberger
Warrick Brown
Gary Dourdan
Nick Stokes
George Eads
Sara Sidle
Jorja Fox
Greg Sanders
Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins
Robert David Hall
Capt Jim Brass
Paul Guilfoyle
Billy Rattison
Tyler Christopher
Teri Miller
Pamela Gidley
Pete Banson
Sam Hennings
Archie Johnson
Archie Kao
David Phillips
David Berman
Det Sulik
Larry Clarke


Kenneth Fink
Ann Donahue
Bob Harris

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