Series 3 - 17. The Ride-In

The Ride-In

About this programme

17/24. Mac and Danny try to catch the killer of a conman whose body has been found lying in a pile of money - a mystery compounded by the discovery that he had been building an ark in his back garden. Across the city, Stella and Flack examine the body of a man dressed in a cigarette costume who appears to have burned to death, and follow a trail that leads to the headquarters of a tobacco company.

Cast and crew


Det Mac Taylor
Gary Sinise
Det Stella Bonasera
Melina Kanakaredes
Det Danny Messer
Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Don Flack
Eddie Cahill
Dr Sheldon Hawkes
Hill Harper
Det Lindsay Monroe
Anna Belknap
Dr Sid Hammerback
Robert Joy
Adam Ross
AJ Buckley
Melodee Costanza
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Noah Hubler/Patrick
Christian Campbell
Jim Easman
Cedric Pendleton
Janice DeMartino
Jennifer O'Dell
Vince Massoni
Jeff Denton
Heidi Pesco
Brianna Lynn Brown
Sander Gillis
Judd Nelson
Damon Caro
Brady Matthews
Jason Williams
Chris King
Roger Thomas
George Young Warner
Mr Strauss
Nate Noggle
Mrs Herzlinger
Fatimah Adams
Mrs Marber
Jaclyn Kerhulas


Carol Mendelsohn
Steven DePaul
Peter M Lenkov