Series 1 - 18. The Dove Commission

The Dove Commission

About this programme

18/23. Dan Stanwyck, an investigator working on a report into police corruption, is fatally shot the night before his findings are published. Taylor and Stella are convinced he was killed by a crooked officer whose wrongdoings were about to be exposed. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden look into the case of a taxi driver stabbed to death in his cab.

Cast and crew


Dr Sheldon Hawkes
Hill Harper
Det Stella Bonasera
Melina Kanakaredes
Det Don Flack
Eddie Cahill
Det Mac Taylor
Gary Sinise
Det Danny Messer
Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Aiden Burn
Vanessa Ferlito
Dr Leonard Giles
Grant Albrecht
Chad Willingham
Chad Lindberg
Laural Stanwyk
Sydney Walsh
Jamie Banks/Savannah
Patrice Fisher
Grace Walderson
Leslie Bega
Joy Gohring
Antonio Reyes
Jeremy Ray Valdez
Gavin Arnold
Pete Gardner
TARU Officer Jasper
Timon Kyle Durett
Insp Bill Markoni
Mark Rolston
Dan Stanwyk
Norman Howell
Fernando Reyes
Toby Holguin
Charlotte DuBois
Diana Lupo
Paul Baxter
Clay Wilcox
Morty Sherman
David Packer
Chief Vince Robinson
Mike Starr
Constance Briell
Alanna Ubach
Strip club owner
Ben Robin
Commission member
Dar Dixon


Emilio Estevez
Anthony E Zuiker
Zachary Reiter