A Touch of Frost

Series 3 - 3. Dead Male One

Dead Male One

About this programme

3/4. Gruff detective Jack Frost's plans for a quiet weekend are disrupted by the gruesome discovery of an unidentified body floating in the river. However, soon after he has begun the investigation, he is forced to apply his deductive skills to a separate case involving an act of violence during a football match which left a player in a coma. Crime drama, starring David Jason, Larry Lamb, Bruce Alexander, Lindy Whiteford and Berwick Kaler.

Cast and crew


DI Jack Frost
David Jason
Supt Stanley Mullett
Bruce Alexander
Mike Ross
Larry Lamb
Ron Bignall
Jon Morrison
Shirley Fisher
Lindy Whiteford
Dave Leecroft
Berwick Kaler
Sandy Longford
Bill Stewart
PC Hazel Wallace
Caroline Harker
Adie Carr
Jason Cheater
Paul Gower
Craig Kelly
Jamie Todd
Sekai Matimba
Colin Drysdale
Alan Hunter
Wendy Drysdale
Annie Tyson
Darren Matthews
Joseph Kpobie
Melissa Wilson
Tonia Reece
Jane Wall
Terry Blakeway
Joe Duttine
Vince Tyson
Ismail Taylor-Kamara
Shaun Everett
Danny Dyer
Mr Adams
James Ottaway
Margaret Kinnon
Sgt Hanlon
Bill Rourke
Sgt Wells
Paul Moriarty
Sgt Johnson
Stuart Barren
DS Toolan
John Lyons
DC Mark Howard
Jon Sotherton
Ernie Trigg
Arthur White


Roger Bamford
Executive Producer
David Reynolds
Executive Producer
Richard Bates
Executive Producer
Philip Burley
Don Leaver
Christopher Russell