A Touch of Frost

Series 3 - 4. No Refuge

No Refuge

About this programme

4/4. An armed robbery ends in murder and Frost wastes no time in arresting a known crook he saw at the scene during the getaway, convinced he is one of the men responsible. With this little mystery to solve, as well as a case of four burglaries in as many days at the same house, the dogged policeman's lot proves a busy one indeed. David Jason stars, with Billy Murray and James Hayes.

Cast and crew


DI Jack Frost
David Jason
Supt Stanley Mullett
Bruce Alexander
Bill Boxley
Billy Murray
Marion Parfitt
Charlotte Cornwell
Stuart Penrice
Stephen Jameson
Stella Boxley
Susan Brown
Rachel Mostyn
Rachel Robertson
Liz Kelsey
Amanda Harris
Michael Heathfield
David Carr
DS Maureen Lawson
Sally Dexter
Jimmy Dunne
James Hayes
Janie Webster
Kate Maravan
Helen Cartwright
Shirin Taylor
Alan Teal
Charlie Creed-Miles
Shirley Fisher
Lindy Whiteford
DS George Toolan
John Lyons
Sgt Arthur Hanlon
Bill Rourke
DC Mark Howard
Jon Sotherton
PC Ernie Trigg
Arthur White
PC Simms
George Thompson
Des Conrad
Huggy Leaver
Alice MacDonald
Kevin Boxley
Dorian MacDonald
PC Heaton
Craig Pocknell


Don Leaver
Don Leaver
Christopher Russell