CSI: Miami

Series 5 - 15. Man Down

Man Down

About this programme

15/24. Delko is rushed to hospital with potentially fatal gunshot wounds, and Horatio waits anxiously as medics try to revive him, while the rest of the team searches for his assailant. Calleigh and Ryan process the crime scene, and question a security guard who provides them with what appears to be vital information - until further evidence sheds new light on the case.

Cast and crew


Horatio Caine
David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne
Emily Procter
Eric Delko
Adam Rodriguez
Alexx Woods
Khandi Alexander
Ryan Wolfe
Jonathan Togo
Frank Tripp
Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista
Eva La Rue
Maxine Valera
Boti Bliss
Calvo Cruz
Gonzalo Menendez
General Cruz
Castula Guerra


Karen Gaviola
Ildy Modrovich