CSI: Miami

Series 5 - 10. Come as You Are

Come as You Are

About this programme

10/24. A marine recruiter is found dead on a civilian shooting range - but there is no blood at the crime scene and evidence suggests he died elsewhere. Horatio uncovers evidence suggesting the killing could be linked to the death of a soldier during combat in Iraq, prompting a second homicide investigation to be launched. Crime drama, starring David Caruso and Emily Procter.

Cast and crew


Horatio Caine
David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne
Emily Procter
Eric Delko
Adam Rodriguez
Alexx Woods
Khandi Alexander
Ryan Wolfe
Jonathan Togo
Natalia Boa Vista
Eva La Rue
Maxine Valera
Boti Bliss
Dan Cooper
Brendan Fehr
Josue Agguire
Major Brenton
Andrew Borba
Mrs Kirby
Monnae Michaell
Matthew Batra
Michael Trevino
Donna Hicks
Cara Pifko
Brad Hoffman
Robert Hoffman III
Derek Stowe
Chuck Hittinger
Sergeant Timothy Hicks
Jayson Floyd
Corey Feinstein
Nick Townsend
Rob Estes
Sergeant Reynolds
Ethan Erickson
Kevin Kirby
Charles Duckworth


Joe Chappelle
Brian Davidson