Desperate Housewives

Series 7 - 14. Flashback


About this programme

14/23. Susan's dialysis troubles appear to be over when an old schoolfriend offers her a kidney. However, the organ comes at a price she is not willing to pay. Meanwhile, Zach admits to Mike that he shot Paul, Gabrielle confronts her past in therapy, and Lynette is forced to spend time with her mother's new - but decidedly dead - husband.

Cast and crew


Susan Delfino
Teri Hatcher
Lynette Scavo
Felicity Huffman
Bree Van de Kamp
Marcia Cross
Gabrielle Solis
Eva Longoria
Renee Perry
Vanessa Williams
Carlos Solis
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Tom Scavo
Doug Savant
Paul Young
Mark Moses
Lee McDermott
Kevin Rahm
Mike Delfino
James Denton
Zach Young
Cody Kasch
Stella Wingfield
Polly Bergen
Frank Kaminsky
Larry Hagman
Porter Scavo
Charlie Carver
Parker Scavo
Joshua Logan Moore
Penny Scavo
Darcy Rose Byrnes
Monroe Carter
Dave Foley
Keith Watson
Brian Austin Green


Andrew Doerfer
Matt Berry