Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

Series 2 - 1. Hand in Glove

About this programme

1/3. Angry artist Agatha Troy is determined to unmask the forger who is faking her paintings. Inspector Alleyn finds time to alert her to the possible danger involved in her search, but has to concentrate his detecting energies on the case of a corpse found in a tranquil spot outside the home of Percival Pyke Period. A fractious party of lunch guests provides the necessary pool of suspects. With guest stars John Gielgud, Geoffrey Palmer and Belinda Lang.

Cast and crew


Chief Insp Alleyn
Patrick Malahide
Agatha Troy
Belinda Lang
Percival Pyke Period
John Gielgud
Harold Cartell
Geoffrey Palmer
Insp Fox
William Simons
Dominic Snowdon
Constance Cartell
Barbara Jefford
DC Robinson
Sandy Welch
Mrs Mitchell
Patsy Byrne


Martyn Friend