Criminal Minds

Series 4 - 7. Memoriam

About this programme

7/26. Reid continues to have nightmares about the case of a boy murdered in Las Vegas, prompting him to track down his own father, who abandoned him and his mother, to confront him about a memory from childhood. Meanwhile, JJ goes into labour three weeks before her due date. Starring Matthew Gray Gubler and AJ Cook.

Cast and crew


Analyst Penelope Garcia
Kirsten Vangsness
Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner
Thomas Gibson
Sr SSA David Rossi
Joe Mantegna
SSA Dr Spencer Reid
Matthew Gray Gubler
SSA Derek Morgan
Shemar Moore
SSA Emily Prentiss
Paget Brewster
SSA Jennifer `JJ' Jareau
AJ Cook
Agent Jordan Todd
Meta Golding
Det William LaMontagne, Jr
Josh Stewart
Diana Reid
Jane Lynch


Guy Norman Bee
Dan Dworkin
Jay Beattie

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