Series 6 - 7. New Terrain

New Terrain

About this programme

7/22. Allison's car is damaged, and she decides to rent an SUV as a replacement. However, she soon discovers the vehicle has features that were not included in the operating manual, including the satellite radio's ability to pick up other people's conversations. Supernatural drama, starring Patricia Arquette.

Cast and crew


Allison DuBois
Patricia Arquette
Joe DuBois
Jake Weber
Manuel Devalos
Miguel Sandoval
Ariel DuBois
Sofia Vassilieva
Bridgette DuBois
Maria Lark
Det Lee Scanlon
David Cubitt
Marie DuBois
Madison Carabello
Ashley Whitaker
Annamarie Kenoyer
Erica Duvall
Emily Swallow
Jesse Reeder
Franc Ross
Lauren Portman
Faith Prince
Troy Sanborn
Todd Louiso
Patrick Wilkes
Shea Whigham
Jamie Portman
Hayley McFarland
Rental agent
Rizwan Manji
Police officer
Rob Reilly
Bank teller
Nija Okoro


Arlene Sanford
Steve Lichtman