Series 13 - 24. Double Trouble

About this programme

24/25. A seemingly straightforward burglary investigation takes an unexpected turn when the victim is found to be leading a double life and suspicions are raised that the break-in could have been part of an insurance fraud. Blaketon falls for the charms of a solicitor and teams up with Ventress to help her track down the beneficiaries of an unusual bequest. Rural police drama, starring Derek Fowlds.

Cast and crew


Dr Liz Merrick
Aislin McGuckin
Sgt Dennis Merton
Duncan Bell
PC Phil Bellamy
Mark Jordon
PC Steve Crane
James Carlton
Alf Ventress
William Simons
Oscar Blaketon
Derek Fowlds
Gina Ward
Tricia Penrose
Bernie Scripps
Peter Benson
David Stockwell
David Lonsdale
Jenny Merton
Sarah Tansey
Ben Norton
Richard Lintern
Mr Elder
Ken Drury
Mrs Elder
Sue Wallace
Cathy Elder
Sadie Pickering
Helen Aves
Carolyn Lyster
Bagger/Winston Parker
James Ellis
Mrs Havers
Lyn O'Hara
Mrs Weston
Janet Greaves


Gerry Mill
Executive Producer
Keith Richardson
Gerry Mill
Johnny Byrne

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