Law & Order: UK

Series 4 - 4. Duty of Care

Duty of Care

About this programme

4/6. When a teenager with severe learning difficulties is killed in a fire at his home, Brooks and Devlin's investigation leads them to the last person they thought could be responsible. Matters are further complicated when Steel and Phillips come up against brash defence lawyer Dominic Peck, whose win-at-all-costs attitude and outrageous ego threaten the fair outcome of the trial. Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber and Ben Daniels star.

Cast and crew


DS Ronnie Brooks
Bradley Walsh
DS Matt Devlin
Jamie Bamber
DI Natalie Chandler
Harriet Walter
James Steel
Ben Daniels
Alesha Phillips
Freema Agyeman
George Castle
Bill Paterson
Megan Parnell
Beatie Edney
Dominic Peck
Oliver Dimsdale
Judge Hall
Diana Quick
Dr Roddy Armitage
George Anton
Mike Harris
Geoff Leesley
Sanjit Chatterjee
Avin Shah
Elaine Schreiber
Jane Wheldon
Dr Elizabeth Arlberg
Julia Montgomery Brown
Eleanor Green
Jean Trend
Simone Lewis
Ashley McGuire
Craig Parnell
Robert Horwell
Dom Mason
Andy Linden
Denise Swanson
Clara Onyemere
Aaron Lewis
Joe Mason
Lee Lewis
Luke Bryant
Hazel Ellerby
Thomas Aldridge


Julian Holmes
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer
Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer
Jane Featherstone
Richard Stokes
Debbie O'Malley