Series 14 - 21. Rustlers and Hustlers

Rustlers and Hustlers

About this programme

21/26. A girl is injured in a horse riding accident, leading the police to stumble upon a sinister series of animal thefts. Helen tries to tell Rob she doesn't want a relationship with him, but worries about hurting his feelings. Meanwhile, Oscar catches Peggy and David hosting a poker tournament in the Aidensfield Arms and bars them from the pub. Rural drama starring Sophie Ward, Derek Fowlds, Gwen Taylor and David Lonsdale.

Cast and crew


PC Rob Walker
Jonathan Kerrigan
Dr Helen Trent
Sophie Ward
Oscar Blaketon
Derek Fowlds
Sgt George Miller
John Duttine
Peggy Armstrong
Gwen Taylor
David Stockwell
David Lonsdale
Gina Ward
Tricia Penrose
PC Phil Bellamy
Mark Jordon
Alf Ventress
William Simons
PC Geoff Younger
Steven Blakeley
Joyce Jowett
Elizabeth Bennett
Bernie Scripps
Peter Benson
Pattie Reilly
Heidi-Jo Lister
Sheila Reilly
Sophie Carrigill
Ned Hornby
Terence Beesley
Mrs O'Reilly
Susan Tordoff
Fred Snape
Michael Wardle
Ringer Rednapp
Richard O'Callaghan
George Costello
Bernard Wrigley


Anne Ross Muir
Executive Producer
Keith Richardson
Archie Tait
Brian Finch