Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Series 3 - 11. Gingerbread

About this programme

11/22. Buffy discovers the bodies of two children, seemingly the victims of a ritual killing. The event inspires Joyce to spearhead a campaign to drive occult influences out of Sunnydale, jeopardising Buffy's efforts to fight evil. As Joyce is goaded on by the spirits of the dead children, her witch hunt turns disturbingly literal, and she and Willow's mother plan to burn their daughters at the stake.

Cast and crew


Buffy Summers
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Joyce Summers
Kristine Sutherland
Willow Rosenberg
Alyson Hannigan
Xander Harris
Nicholas Brendon
Rupert Giles
Anthony Stewart Head
Amy Madison
Elizabeth Anne Allen
David Boreanaz
Cordelia Chase
Charisma Carpenter
Daniel `Oz' Osbourne
Seth Green
Mayor Richard Wilkins
Harry Groener
Sheila Rosenberg
Jordan Baker
Principal Snyder
Armin Shimerman
Michael Czajak
Blake Swendson
Grant Garrison
Little boy
Shawn Pyfrom
Little girl
Lindsay Taylor


James Whitmore Jr
Jane Espenson

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