The Simpsons

Series 14 - 10. Pray Anything

Pray Anything

About this programme

10/22. Homer takes Ned Flanders' advice and starts praying regularly, hoping God will lend a sympathetic ear and make it possible for him to buy a better home. Marge warns that his materialistic attitude may incur divine retribution, but he turns a deaf ear - until a flood of biblical proportions hits Springfield.

Cast and crew


Homer Simpson
Dan Castellaneta
Marge Simpson
Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson
Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Moe/Apu/Chief Wiggum/Various others
Hank Azaria
Ned Flanders/Mr Burns/Various others
Harry Shearer
Agnes Skinner
Tress MacNeille
Milhouse Van Houten
Pamela Hayden
Helen Lovejoy
Maggie Roswell


Michael Polcino
Neal Boushell
Sam O'Neal