The Simpsons

Series 11 - 14. Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

About this programme

14/22. Maude Flanders is killed in a tragic accident at the racetrack, leaving Ned facing a lonely old age - so unlikely matchmaker Homer volunteers to help him get back on to the dating scene. With the guest voice of Shawn Colvin.

Cast and crew


Homer Simpson
Dan Castellaneta
Marge Simpson
Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson
Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Maude Flanders
Marcia Mitzman Gaven
Moe Szyslak
Hank Azaria
Rachel Jordan
Shawn Colvin
Ned Flanders
Harry Shearer


Jim Reardon
Ian Maxtone-Graham